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Digital vaping prevention resources ready for in-person, remote, and hybrid teaching. Help your students understand the risks of vaping and find a path to quit.

Vaping: Know the truth Lessons

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This lesson introduces learners to the activity of vaping, invites them to reflect on their awareness and knowledge of the topic, discusses a brief history of tobacco and nicotine use, and covers the ingredients present in common e-cigarettes.


This lesson confronts learners with the hard facts about e-cigarette companies’ marketing and advertising schemes, and debunks the myth that vaping is a safe activity or a safer option than smoking.


This lesson challenges learners to consider the dangers of nicotine addiction, reinforces addiction as a primary danger of vaping, and lays the framework for quitting.


This lesson examines positive social norms that sit opposite of vaping, self-care and quitting. It looks to refocus learners' energy on alternative behaviors while reinforcing the dangerous truths about vaping.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Vaping: Know the truth available to middle and high school teachers for free?

How does Vaping: Know the truth align with my curriculum?

EVERFI has built a network of partners and sponsors who help fund our digital resources for K-12 teachers, schools,  and districts. Through multi-year commitments, EVERFI partners like the Truth Initiative give educators the assurance that programming can be launched at scale and even written into curriculum.

Vaping: Know the truth's lessons are aligned to National and State Health Education Standards Standards. EVERFI provides comprehensive curriculum guides and standards alignment guides to help you plan for implementation with your middle or high school students.

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Youth e-cigarette use remains at an epidemic level. This prevention-forward digital learning experience gives today’s students core knowledge around the dangers associated with using e-cigarettes and offers resources to help young people quit if they already vape.

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Vaping: Know the truth is offered to middle and high school teachers at no cost 

thanks to EVERFI's work with Truth Initiative and Kaiser Permanente, 
in collaboration with the American Heart Association.

Lesson Topics Include:

  • Ingredients present in common e-cigarettes
  • Debunk myths about vaping
  • Resources to quit vaping
  • Self-care strategies
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