Prescription Drug Safety

High School Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention

An evidence-informed prevention program used by 90,000+ students across North America.

Prescription Drug Safety Lessons

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The Basics

Students become familiarized with the basics before taking a deep dive into topics, like the science of addiction and refusal strategies. Some of this lesson’s topics include the different types of prescription drugs, how they can affect the body, and some of their harmful side effects.

Science of Addiction

Students explore how addiction can affect the brain and body, knowledge which can ultimately help students avoid addiction. Included in this lesson are personal stories from people who have recovered from addiction.

Understanding Prescriptions

Students learn about the proper usage, storage, and disposal of prescription drugs - important in preventing misuse of prescription drugs. Students become familiar with properly reading a prescription label and disposing of unused drugs.

Safe Use

Students engage in interactive scenarios where they guide characters to make smart choices regarding prescription drug use, which is not always harmful but has the potential to be abused.

Refusal Skills

Students learn about the risks of using unprescribed prescription drugs recreationally. Students learn strategies for effectively refusing prescription drugs through interactive scenarios.

Supporting a Friend

Students become familiarized with the possible warning signs of a friend in trouble and the necessary steps they can take. Students also get the opportunity to respond to a situation involving an overdose and finish the course with a review of the most important takeaways from the course.

Population-Level Drug Misuse Prevention in Schools

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"The scenarios were so effective for my students. It got them thinking about different situations and gave them practice thinking about what they would do and what they would say.

Colleen Donakowski

PE/Health Teacher, Redford, MI

With one in five high school seniors reporting that they have misused prescription drugs, reaching students early is now more important than ever.

Topics Include:

  • Proper prescription drug use, storage, and disposal 
  • Brain and body: the science of addiction
  • Debunking common myths 
  • Simulations: refusal and bystander skills
  • Opioids, stimulants, and depressants
  • Vaping and e-cigarette mini-lesson
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