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Connect With Our Team:  (202) 753-0232

“I feel that this was an excellent opportunity for my students to get introduced to Personal Finance. Students seemed to have an easy time getting logged in and starting the activities. I like that it was easy for me to set up as an instructor and the instructions were easy for my students to understand. I believe that the content offered is also relevant.”

Financial Education for Today's Student

Do your students know how to set a budget, invest and file taxes? Help them learn throughout Financial Literacy Month with EVERFI’s FREE resources for K-12 students. 

The free, interactive lessons in each of these financial education resources translate complex financial concepts and help students of all ages develop actionable strategies for managing their finances.

From budgets and banking to credit and saving, these lessons cover the topics students need  to navigate the world of personal finances. There’s no better time to equip students with smart decision-making around finances.

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Financial Literacy Lessons for Elementary, Middle & High School

Available Resources

Real-Life Digital Curriculum Offerings


- Mr. James, High School Teacher, West Virginia

Financial Education

Financial education is more than being able to add dollars and cents. It’s about building better habits, instilling confidence, and equipping the next generation with the skills to pursue big goals with minimal risk.

Grades 4-12

Career Readiness

Tap into student interest and curiosity to make critical math, science, and career concepts relatable. Our engaging and interactive Career Readiness resources inspire students to pursue the careers of tomorrow.

Grades 4-12

Social & Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is at the heart of good teaching. When students manage their emotions, practice self-awareness, and maintain healthy relationships, they’ll excel in school, work, and life.

Grades 2-12

Health & Wellness

The choices we make and the habits we form while we are young become the foundation for the lives we lead as adults. When students practice making healthy decisions in a safe environment, they are more prepared to make them in the real world.

Grades 1-12

Cultural Literacy

Democracy starts with a population that understands and appreciates the contributions of everyone. Foster critical dialogue with offerings that brings the history, legacy, contributions, and achievements of diverse groups to life.

Grades 8-12

Summer Learning

Learning shouldn’t take a break when school lets out for the summer. Combat the summer slide with short, engaging lessons designed to reinforce foundational math and reading skills.

Grades 4-6

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