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The interactive lessons in EVERFI - Financial Literacy for High School translate complex financial concepts and help high school students develop actionable strategies for managing their finances.

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Rigorous Learning Environment

By taking an active problem-solving approach, students are learning through practice. Instruction focuses on solving scenarios presented in each lesson so students are prepared when they encounter financial matters in the real world.

EVERFI - Financial Literacy Foundations

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Banking Basics

Students build an understanding of how financial institutions work, how to use them, the different products they offer, and how to manage their own account portfolio.

Income and Employment

Students explore how employment decisions affect their earning potential and income over their lifetime. Students also develop an understanding of taxes and deductions.


By reflecting on their budgeting personality, students develop a tactical strategy for setting financial goals and simulate managing monthly finances.

Consumer Skills

Through navigating the purchase processes for everyday purchases like a car and house, students learn the essentials of becoming an informed consumer.

Managing Credit and Debt

Students develop an understanding of credit, how a credit score is calculated, and the impact of that score on the features and fees associated with credit cards.

Financing Higher Education

Students identify potential financial stressors and create a blueprint for actions they can take to better prepare them for financing higher education.


Students explore the importance of risk management strategies and precautionary measures including the roles different insurance products play in a broader plan for risk management.

What's different about EVERFI?

Shorter, more digestible lessons aligned to state and national Jump$tart standards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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How does EVERFI align with my curriculum?

EVERFI has built a network of partners and sponsors who help fund financial education for your school or district. Through multi-year commitments, EVERFI partners give teachers and administrators the assurance that programming can be launched at scale and even written into curriculum.
EVERFI's financial education lessons are aligned to Jump$tart Coalition's National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education, as well as state and local standards. EVERFI provides educators comprehensive curriculum guides and standards alignment guides to help you plan for implementation.
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Teach students how to make wise financial decisions to promote financial well-being over their lifetime.

Addressing Key Topic Gaps

The lessons target modern concepts like navigating the gig economy, comparing job offers and benefits, and using mobile payments. EVERFI addresses the issues students will run into in today's world, while still covering how to fill out a check!

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Your students will learn, and more importantly practice: 

  • Managing a budget

  • Developing a savings plan

  • Navigating credit and debt

  • Filing their taxes