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Character Playbook has reached 500,000 students in more than 5,000 schools.

Through evidence-based strategies, Character Playbook teaches students about positive character development, social-emotional learning (SEL), and building healthy relationships—during their most critical middle and high school years.  

All digital lessons and resources are provided free to teachers, students, and schools.

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Five Digital Lessons:

Character Playbook covers key concepts like positive character development, social-emotional learning (SEL), and building healthy relationships.

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Students learn how to recognize and analyze their internal motivations, social identities, and external influences to better understand who they are.


Students learn how to recognize complex emotions, how to regulate/manage their emotions, and how to set goals and take actions to manage themselves.

Social Awareness

Students learn how to become more socially aware in different situations and how to respect others especially when there are disagreements or differences.

Relationship Skills

Students learn how to navigate positive/negative peer pressure,how to develop effective communication skills, and how to (help) resolve conflicts constructively.

Responsible Decision-Making

Students learn what’s important in the decision-making process and how to make responsible decisions that are aligned to their personal values.

Course Details and Lesson Plans

Download discussion guides to help get your students talking about the SEL lessons they're exploring.

Helping Students Build Healthy Relationships

Interactive & digestible modules aligned to the National Health Education Standards (NHES), CASEL Social and Emotional Learning Competencies, and Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making

Frequently Asked Questions:

Topics Include:

How is Character Playbook 
Available at no cost?

How does Character Playbook align with my curriculum?

Character Playbook is made possible through partnerships with United Way and the National Football Association. Through multi-year commitments, EVERFI partners give teachers and administrators the assurance that programming can be launched at scale and even written into the curriculum at no cost to you.

Character Playbook's lessons are aligned to National Health Education Standards (NHES), CASEL Social and Emotional Learning Competencies, and Common Core State Standards (CCSS). EVERFI provides comprehensive curriculum guides and standards alignment guides to help you plan for implementation.

Real-World Scenarios

Students engage in bystander intervention training and conflict resolution lessons.


After finishing the program, 70% of students say they can play a positive role in resolving conflict.

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Relevant & Engaging

Guided practice and scenario-based activities with targeted feedback.

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95% of teachers would recommend Character Playbook to a friend or colleague.

“Character Playbook was right on time to get kids talking, thinking about others, redirecting bullying behaviors and being more responsible online. That is huge!” 

— 9th Grade Teacher, Tennessee