306: African-American History 

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306: African-American History Curriculum

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Slavery in the United States

In this lesson, students learn about the history of slavery, as well as the key figures and counterforces that were critical to the resistance movements throughout this era.

Emancipation & Reconstruction

In this lesson, students learn about leaders like Frederick Douglass and Hiram Revels, who helped pave the way for more opportunities for black Americans in a society rife with inequalities after Emancipation.

Jim Crow

In this lesson, students learn about the original and lasting contributions that African Americans made to American culture throughout the early to mid-twentieth century.

Civil Rights and Beyond

Through great sacrifice and dogged effort, the Civil Rights Movement expanded freedom, equality, and opportunity. In this lesson, students learn about the key events and individuals who grabbed the moment and built a movement.

Capstone Exercise

In a final essay, students reflect on all that they’ve learned throughout the course.

Additional 306 Topics

  • Black History’s Central Role in U.S. History
  • Black History Before U.S. Slavery and After the U.S. Civil Rights Movement
  • Black Business Titans
  • Black Trailblazers in Medicine

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Topics Include:

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Throughout history, Black Americans have shaped American life, from science and academia, to music and the arts.

306: African-American History is a digital program that brings to life a number of important leaders and events that impacted the fabric of America. 

The lessons span four key eras, allowing students to navigate principal figures and moments in Black American History in a self-paced environment, whether remote or in the classroom.


Today, we have the opportunity to change the way that African-American history is taught in schools across the country. Stories of grit, resilience and determination should remind us all that it is as important as ever to understand and learn from the past.

Engage Students in African-American History

Interactive & digestible modules with real-life situations.

  • Slavery in the United States
  • The Underground Railroad
  • Emancipation and Reconstruction
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • Jim Crow
  • Civil Rights & Beyond

Topics Include:

Extend your course by teaching students about events in U.S. history that have shaped the experience of many Black people in the United States.